About the Save Data

◆If I uninstall the game from my device, will my saved data be deleted as well?

The save data is stored on the online server.

Uninstalling the game from your device will not delete the saved data.

◆Can I share my save data between stores and devices?

The save data is unique for each store.

Unfortunately, you cannot share save data between different stores at current time.

<Exceptions where save data can be shared>

Oculus Rift Store

  • Oculus Rift / Rift S

Meta Quest Store

  • Meta Quest / Quest 2

Steam Store

  • Valve Index


  • Oculus Rift / Rift S

  • Windows MR

◆How is the save data handled when playing on Quest Link?

If you use Meta Quest / Quest 2 and play through Oculus Link connecting your device to your PC, it will be counted as save data for the Oculus Rift Store.(It will be a different save data when playing Meta Quest standalone)

◆I want to switch to a different account in Oculus Quest

Due to Meta Quest specifications, you need to reset your Oculus Quest and then reconfigure another account in order to switch.

◆I want to change my username

You can change your in-game username by changing your Oculus or Steam account name.

(*) Not supported on Meta Quest.

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