About the Gameplay

◆I accidentally hit my hands against furniture and walls during the game

Please make sure to play with as much space around you as possible.


◆Measures to prevent Motion Sickness in VR

If you are experiencing motion sickness, try changing the following settings from the Options menu.

  • Tunnel Vision Effect


The tunnel vision effect is a function that reduces the area of vision by darkening areas other than the center of the screen while moving, reducing the risk of sickness. The default setting is set to 30%: increase this ratio and you will be less likely to feel sickness.

  • Adjusting the Rotation Angle


The higher the angle of rotation is, the less likely you are to get sick. The default setting is set at 22.5 degrees.

◆I would like to replay the Tutorial

You can replay the tutorial as many times as you want by selecting "Astraea's Guidance" under the "Mode Modes" section in the main menu.

◆About “Help Requests”

A help request is a request from a player who is battling in Quest Mode or Adventure Mode.

  1. Press and hold the menu button on the left controller to display the help request list.

  2. Look at the current stage and the mode they are playing, and decide which rescue you want to respond to.

  3. Use the pointer to point to the request you want to join and select it.


​You will then join the room of the player that sent the help request. If you prefer to not receive any Help Requests, you can turn them off from the settings menu.

◆Can I play Adventure Mode by myself?

Yes! Adventure Mode is available in both single player and multiplayer modes.

◆I drop my weapons a lot...

You can change the settings for weapon holding,

such as "Toggle" or "Hold" or allowing the trigger to grip the weapon, in the option menu.

◆I can't take off my shield, and I can't get the enchantments to react properly.

If this happens, please try the following solution:

  1. Check that the calibration is set correctly.

  2. To reduce malfunctions, extend your hand in the direction of the weapon you want to grab and press the grip button when the marker is displayed.

  3. Perform the enchantment by holding your free hand in front of the blade, slightly above the hilt.

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